How to reach me

Like many people I am hit by spam in the hundreds. I use a number of filters, some of which I can control in detail and some of which I can't. As a result some mail may not reach me. It may be returned (“address does not exist”, even though it may), but most of it will disappear quietly. To make sure that you can reach me, it is wise to follow these guidelines:

Current address of mine: Almost all addresses I ever used still work. However, I may choose not to keep them up forever, plus most of them are heavily filtered. To have highest chances to reach me, use my current address. This address may change over time. Return here to update if problems occur.

Special string: Include this string in your text body: guvfvfabfcnz. This string may change over time. Return here to update if problems occur. Also, mails may be repelled / disappear even if they contain this string, but your chances of success are greater.

Follow the rules: Your mails will generally be accepted, if your style cannot be confused with spam. Therefor:

If you had to resend a mail to me, tell me so, so I can update my whitelist if necessary.

I am sorry for the trouble, but this is what you get when a system designed by people that trust each others goodwill (scientists, engineers) is used by people with little or no morale values (sometimes called “entrepreneurs” or “capitalists”).